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Jun 23, 2020

Today’s episode is a real special one. I had the privilege of talking to Dr. Katie Novak and Tom Thibodeau. They are the authors of UDL in the Cloud: How to Design and Deliver Online Education Using Universal Design for Learning. What’s UDL? You’re about to find out and it’s going to change the way you design your next course. 

What we discuss:

  • How Katie and Tom started in education and where they are today
  • Defining and explaining the UDL framework
  • How growth mindset leads to a well-designed online course and student experience
  • How educators can support and motivate students in online courses
  • How should instructional designers and teachers re-evaluate the course design process and current courses
  • The importance of instructor presence and how to build this presence importance of instructor presence and how instructors can build this presence?
  • How to manage time with UDL and new projects
  • The future of education with COVID-19
  • How to build instructor presence in newly designed courses
  • Their favorite examples of seeing UDL in action

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