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Apr 14, 2021

Today’s episode is for all of you teachers out there. It’s no surprise that more and more teachers are looking to transition into the instructional design field and I was trying to think of who to bring on the show to talk about how they made this transition. And then sure enough, I found the perfect person. Joining us today is Christie Kittle. She’s a Supervisor & Lead Instructional Designer at Washington State University and she’s a former teacher. Christie breaks down all the steps she took to transition from one role to another. She has an absolutely awesome story and if you’re a teacher, this is the episode you need to listen to.

What we discussed:

  • Where her passion for teaching came from
  • How she heard about instructional design
  • What steps she took to transition from teacher to instructional designer
    • Vocabulary
    • Connections
    • Andragogy
    • Trials for Authoring Tools
  • The shocking number of roles in the instructional design industry
  • Explaining the instructional design role to SMEs
  • Going back to school for a Masters in Instructional Design
  • How to find the right degree for you
  • Why she chose higher education as a career
  • Transitioning from instructional design to leadership
  • What IDs should focus on in the future

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