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Oct 5, 2021

Today’s episode is a special one because we have an amazing guest who is going to be talking about two relevant topics in instructional design land. The first is Camtasia. It’s the signature video editing tool that instructional designers use and that employers are looking for. We talk all about how to develop your skills with this tool and how to impress potential employers. Our second topic is voice acting. I have seen so many postings about voiceover work lately in the instructional design community and yet I know nothing about this. I didn’t know how people got into this line of work or how they found the opportunities to showcase this skill. Luckily for us, Alex Mitts is an expert in both areas and he shares with us all of his tips. You’ll hear about how a former teacher became an instructional designer and then got into voice acting work for Netflix. It’s a crazy story and I know you are going to get a ton out of this episode.

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