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Oct 26, 2022

In today's episode, we are joined by ASU instructional designer and voice over artist, Tim McKean. We answered your pressing ID questions like:

◼What do you do when your company leave out the A and D in ADDIE and your projects are left to die?

◼Should you take a job offer for teaching professors about doing e-learning themselves?

◼Where do you start with trying to transition from teacher to instructional designer?

◼Is the IAM scale more effective for measuring outcomes for discussion boards compared to Bloom's Taxonomy?

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◼An Inside Look at the Instructional Designer and Subject Matter Expert (SME) Partnership:

◼IAM Scale research:,in%20just%20such%20an%20accumulation.&text=development%2C%20use%2C%20and-,inter%2Drater%20reliability%20accumulated%20from%2040%20published%20studies,the%20IAM%20over%2014%20years


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