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May 11, 2021

She is one of my favorite people ever in instructional design and her name is Dr. Robin Sargent. Robin is the founder of IDOL Courses Academy and in my opinion, she has changed the game when it comes to corporate instructional design. IDOL has been transforming the lives of aspiring instructional designers and the students in this academy love the learning experience. So, I wanted to know more about how IDOL came to be and how has Robin helped so many new instructional designers.

Here’s what we talked about:

  • Pursuing a PhD in instructional design
  • Transitioning from higher education to corporate
  • Surprises and norms about the sectors
  • Advice for IDs trying to figure out their path
  • The creation of IDOL Courses Academy
  • Cohort Based modeling
  • Technology in instructional design
  • Hiring managers and portfolios
  • Advice for entrepreneurs in instructional design

Connect with Robin: 

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