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Dec 15, 2022

Today, we are joined by the one and only, Dr. Indi Marie Williams! She's an Instructional Designer and Program Manager at MIT xPRO. In this episode, we answer your instructional design questions like:

◼Where will AI take instructional design?

◼What tactics do you use keep learners engaged when the content is dry, stigmatized, or compulsory?

◼How do you get promoted from an instructional designer to a senior instructional designer?

◼How do you prepare for an instructional design job interview at a university?

Mentioned Links:

 YouTube Video of Interview

◼Indi’s LinkedIn:


◼MIT Center for Advanced Virtuality:

◼Stanford Homelessness Simulation:

◼Offenders become the victim in virtual reality: impact of changing perspective in domestic violence:

◼The Jossey-Bass Reader on Educational Leadership:

◼Harvard Business Review Manager's Handbook: The 17 Skills Leaders Need to Stand Out (HBR Handbooks):

◼Instructional Design Leadership and Management Competencies: Job Description Analysis :

◼What I Wish I Knew Before Applying for Instructional Design Jobs:


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